Level 1A

  • Equipment handling, safety and set-up
  • Determining wind direction and theory of wind turbulence
  • Wind window theory; practice with a small trainer kite
  • Piloting trainer kite in the power zone unharnessed
  • Untwisting lines by rotating body
  • 4-line set-up and pre-flight checks
  • Assisted launching and landing
  • Landing kite unassisted and retrieving correctly

Level 1B

  • Theory of water launching
  • Assisted water launching
  • Body dragging harnessed by flying kite in the power zone
  • Body dragging harnessed in different directions
  • Body dragging with twisted lines and recovery
  • Space awareness
  • Quick release procedures for emergency
  • Self-rescue procedures

Level 2

  • Advanced body dragging (upwind body dragging)
  • One-handed piloting while body dragging and in waiting position
  • Board recovery and positioning
  • Generating steady pull in starting position on the kiteboard
  • Water-start procedures
  • Equipment (selection/maintenance)

Level 3

  • Priority rules
  • How to generate constant power
  • Edging up and down and holding an edge
  • Speed control (sheeting in and out)
  • Methods of flying to de-power kite
  • Switching direction
  • First jump